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Practice Schedule Nov. 30 through Feb. 21

by posted 11/29/2020
Hockey This Weekend!

Attention Falcons, Fans, and Fams!

We had a great second start to hockey last weekend, and we have lots of games planned going forward.  In order to ensure that everyone can keep playing, we need to be extra careful to follow the current Mass Hockey guidelines.  Here are a few highlights: 

  • Enter the rink as close to gametime as possible. If games are running late, please wait outside or in your car until the Zamboni is making new ice.  More than two teams of parents and players in a rink is too many right now.  Also, remember to come as dressed as you can as all bags are not allowed in the rink.
  • Each rink has its own set of requirements of players and spectators. In some, spectators are not allowed at all, while others may permit two per player.  It is up to each of us to know the rules where we are playing.  The Valley Hockey League and the Middlesex Yankee Conference have updated lists of rinks and protocols; please consult these before heading out to the game.   
  • Mask up.  That means players and spectators, all the time.
  • Players are spaced out on the ice, but they need to maintain distance on the benches, as well, so please remind your players to stay spaced out on the benches.  During the excitement of the game its so easy for kids to forget this. If the benches are not large enough for the teams, rinks should have chairs set up behind the benches for overflow.  Though coaches will watch out for spacing, pre-game reminders from parents are will definitely help.  
  • Most importantly, if you see something that concerns you, please let the local rink management know, and advise other families. Massachusetts has been thoughtful about setting up these new protocols, but the rules only work when they are followed. At Simoni and CYH games, please let us know if you see anything that doesn't seem right, so we can pass it on to rink management.  You can reach us anytime at

We know this is challenging season, and we're so grateful for the good efforts of our Falcons and families.  Thanks to everyone who is doing their best to keep hockey going.

SEE YOU (safely-distanced and wearing a mask) AT THE RINK!

by posted 11/13/2020
Simoni Protocol Reminder!

Hello Falcon Families! 

Just some reminders about the good protocols that we and our friends at Simoni have put in place to keep everyone safe and hockey happening this season!  We know this is different and takes some getting used to. We'll send a weekly reminder with this information but it is imperative that we all follow these guidelines, if we want hockey to continue this fall and winter.  If teams are not able to comply, games cannot happen and nobody wants to end up there. 

  • Because we need to know who is at practice, we ask that you EITHER complete the information on this google form prior to coming to Simoni OR scan the QR code at the door before entering the rink.  We need every player (or their family) to do this for every practice, there are no exceptions.  Drivers, this may mean that you have to park and come to the door with your player.  We are sorry to have to ask but the kids are not doing it on their own, so please leave yourself time to do this at drop-off if you haven't completed the form ahead of time. 
  • Don't send your kid to the rink sick.  Hockey will not make them better, and they may get others sick.  
  • Please do not enter Simoni until 15 minutes before practice time.  
  • It follows that your player should come to the rink as dressed as possible, that means, they just need to put their skates and helmet on.  (OK, goalies, you can put your pads on inside.)
  • Players can use the locker rooms but follow the guidelines - Rooms 3 and 4 for the 6 pm practice, 1 and 2 for the 7:30, 13 or 14 people per room.
  • After you are done, you have 15 minutes to get the skates off and out the door.  Please save your socially-distanced chit-chatting for outside.  

We know that everyone is trying, and we are grateful to you for making the effort to follow these guidelines.  Most importantly, we thank you for being part of our Cambridge Youth Hockey family and for skating with us this season.

See you at the rink!


by posted 09/22/2020
Season kick-off

So excited to kick off the 20/21 hockey season this week. Safety is our all encompassing goal, and we all must remain vigilant and support each other through these times like no other. As you know, we're beginning the season with small team practices and no games with league opponents until October if all progresses as we hope in the Cambridge and hockey communities. 


If you haven't already, please complete your Cambridge Youth Hockey registration before the first practice session. Scholarships are available. If you decide you must opt out of hockey this year, please let us know.



Members of the CYH board and coaching committee have toured Simoni this past week and are encouraged with the steps the rink management has taken to keep us all safe. We have created a walkthrough to give you an idea of what to expect when you arrive and the new safety measures put into place. Please review it with your player so we can have a smooth start to the season.


Additionally, the rink management company is requiring a contact tracing form to be completed for each coach and participant. Review the new COVID-specific requirements for hockey participation this year and complete this FMC contact tracing form.



Due to COVID regulations, we will not have access to the equipment closet during practices. Additionally, there will be no sharing of equipment between players allowed. If your skater has outgrown their equipment or needs an item, please respond to this email a.s.a.p. with information on what equipment (and size if possible) you need. We have a good selection of gently used items in a variety of sizes and will do all we can to assist.

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Thank you for your patience as we roll out programs. Let me know your thoughts as we all need to do this together.

by posted 09/06/2020
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