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We’re not going to lie, hockey requires a lot of equipment!  But it all enables our players to have the most fun on the ice, and most importantly, it keeps them safe.

Here is the gear that every hockey player wears (except goalies):

  • base layer
  • hockey underwear
  • hockey shin guards
  • hockey socks 
  • hockey pants
  • hockey skates
  • hockey shoulder/chest pads
  • hockey elbow pads
  • hockey jersey
  • mouthguard
  • hockey helmet with full cage or bubble
  • hockey gloves
  • and don’t forget . . . a hockey stick!

And here is a video of how a hockey player puts it all on.  Kids often need some assistance at first, but they’ll progress pretty quickly to doing it all themselves and soon won’t even want anyone to help.

Used gear is great to start out with.  We recommend getting a new helmet, though, as that is the most important item for safety purposes.  You can purchase used equipment at Play It Again Sports, or various online sources.  If you’d like to purchase your own equipment there are several good options nearby.  Many CYH families swear by the knowledgeable staff at Sports Etc. in Arlington, and there is also Pure Hockey in Medford.  

At Simoni Ice Rink, Cambridge Youth Hockey also has a wondrous closet filled with all kinds of used gear that your player can borrow.  We have a wide range of skates as well as various kinds of pads and pants.  We do have helmets but be aware that they are almost all expired with respect to their safety elements, so they are for one-time use only.  Finally, note that most of the gear is small - kids grow out of it fast!  For access to the closet, or to donate used equipment, please contact your coach or program director.